Why Outsource Core Work

Many foundry core rooms have high and often unrealized costs in their operation. Quality and environmental concerns can also be costly and time consuming.

Investing money in core machines, maintaining, and operating them is expensive. Electric and natural gas energy costs, compressed air, ventilation, and labor costs add to the expense. Inventories of different sands, release agents, core mud, files, core washes, special Personal Protective Equipment, and equipment repair parts must be maintained.

Quality concerns can also be resolved by outsourcing your core requirements. Quality Cores supplies you with cores meeting or exceeding your quality standards. Today’s foundry castings often require complex details, intricate passageways, and internal cavities that require consistently reliable cores. Hiring, training, and maintaining the production skills of employees necessary for producing quality shell cores is becoming increasingly difficult for foundries. These same employees must also be cross trained with other foundry skills for when they are not needed to make cores.

Core making scrap expenses will be eliminated by having Quality Cores make your cores. You pay only for usable, high quality cores. High scrap costs commonly encountered with starting up a new job are also eliminated.

Faster turnaround time is an advantage with outsourcing your core needs. Quality Cores can deliver any quantity of cores in faster time than in-house production. Production schedule changes and sudden needs can be satisfied with a phone call.

Get new customers and new work by increasing your casting capabilities with cores you would not be able to make yourself.

Floor space otherwise used for core room operation can be used for molding, storage, or other foundry uses. Idle core machines during slow periods occupy floor space that could be better used.

Finally, environmental regulations are increasingly stringent. Outsourcing your core requirements eliminates compliance issues associated with core making.
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Why Outsource Shell and Foundry Core Work?