Quality Cores can provide high quality foundry cores of most any size and quantity. We can produce your shell cores, cold box Isocure cores, and air set no bake cores in any quantity. We offer expertise with conventional two piece core box tooling and have extensive experience in making cores with intricate three piece core box tooling and have the equipment to run them. We have broad experience with special sands additives, and core coatings to insure our cores produce defect free castings. In addition to one piece cores, we can paste and assemble cores. Refractory coatings can also be applied and dried. Delivery can be arranged by Quality Cores through many freight carriers offering competitive freight charges so you are assured of the lowest freight cost, or the foundry can coordinate the shipping.

If you are making cores you are not helping your bottom line. Many foundry core rooms have high and often unrealized costs in their operation. A foundries main business is making and finishing castings. In-house core room operating costs, difficulties achieving and maintaining quality standards, production difficulties, and environmental concerns can be eliminated by outsourcing to a core making specialist. Costly inventories of core sands and core making supplies can eliminated. The focus of the foundry can be directed solely on producing castings.

Quality Cores is dedicated to providing the highest quality foundry cores to the metal casting industry, on time, and at the lowest cost
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